Pixie Tousled: Let’s discover all the secrets of this bold and sophisticated haircut!

Which face fits it better?

The Pixie Tousled enhances the faces that need a vertical impulse, so round/soft, at heart and to all regular oval; may be penalized instead every angular face, elongated and very squared. The tuft length relates to the shape of the face and simultaneously are raised the side short cheekbones.


To what kind of woman is most suitable?

For bold and same time joyful woman, sophisticated, ironic that lives with a smile the thin desire of women emancipation.


How to dry and and set it properly?

To agree, almost as a tutorial, with the hairstylist who creates the haircut: product and gestures depend on the nature of the hair, and might change a lot.
The thin hair needs hair strenghtenings, texturizers and modeling pastes that thicken the hair material, associated with semi circular hand movements raising to the roots, to guide the tufts during drying.
The full-bodied or frizzy hair require to vary the styling and gestures, tone to the roots and the lengths and ends modeling, compacting them in individual strands from the beginning, such as to create the “elf” effect.


What to avoid in the shampoo, drying and folding steps?

For Pixie Tousled it is better not to underestimate, as per its length, the nourishment and shine, or even, weighing it too much with oversized masks to the nature and length of hair.


What nuance to trust in?

It is important not to choose a color just because of fashion trends, but because it better lights up own skin!

The pantones still come back in vogue and perfectly combining with the Pixie Tousled character are intense and bright


Seen on the catwalks as a total look, the Dark brown/black in the deluxe version is intense and deep on the hair. Chosen by several celebrities including Rooney Mara and Demi Lovato, it is a versatile color indeed that can be worn messy, wavy or wet.


The red hair have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery. But this season, the copper colour, copper red, showed by stars like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adamson on the catwalks and red carpets, has high trend.


The actress Michelle Williams and the singer Pink wear it: the blond Platinum will be one of the hottest trends this season. It is a cool shade of blonde perfectly fits with clear complexions. It is already in vogue among Hollywood stars.

What to make it even more strong and current?

Interpret your Pixie Tousled in a different way every day. Make sure the wind can pass through it, with those natural asymmetries, to “invent” each day: “Let life mess you up!”.