It was 1992…

…… When Renato Gervasi and Salvo Filetti decided to unite their efforts to realize a dream made of work, beauty and authenticity. To gather the haidressers’ world under a premium-brand, a synonym for quality and well-being. Thus were born the first Compagnia Della Bellezza beauty salons, which immediately distinguished themselves not as mere hair salons but as a real team, a real network, whose goal was to “grow together, creating wealth, beauty and Joyà”.

Nowadays Compagnia Della Bellezza is the ultimate international franchise of beauty salons , with a network of approximately 300 stores in Italy and abroad and thousands of hairdressers and hair stylists at Women’s Service. It boasts itself of being one of the leading players in the beauty industry, engaged in constant search for new techniques and tools and enhancing the authentic beauty. The focus of the team’s philosophy is on supporting woman in her essence, making her an actress instead of a spectator of her life and radiate her aesthetic brilliance and uniqueness through her hair.

“Our quality is a taylor-quality: real Italian creativity applied to the world of hairstyling”, say the two creators of the brand. Hair become subject of art, worthy of the same care that a fabric deserves, able of being molded on the head of each Woman along the lines of one’s being, releasing all the Beauty of its “characthair”.

Salvo Filetti and Renato Gervasi, who since over twenty years prevail in the market of hairdressing, are today more than ever the pioneers of an ambitious mission: to be “ambassadors of the Made in Italy Hair Fashion in the world” with the Compagnia Della Bellezza brand bringing the category of hairdressers, like fashion designers and chefs, to the highest prestige and acknowledgement that has ever them been recognized.

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