It was 1992…

…when Salvo Filetti co-founded Compagnia della Bellezza, driven by the desire to unite the world of hairstylists under a prestigious brand, synonym with professional quality and well-being. Thus, the first Compagnia della Bellezza salons were launched and immediately stood out for their modern and distinctive style.

Today, Compagnia della Bellezza is an international franchise with a network of approximately 200 salons in Italy and in Europe and two Academies offering premium education for industry professionals.

For almost 30 years now, we have been a leading company in the beauty industry, committed to the research of innovative techniques and tools and the enhancement of sustainable beauty. The focal point of our team’s philosophy is to support women in all phases of their lives, celebrating their natural brilliance and uniqueness.

“Our vision is one of authentic creativity and sartorial quality applied to the world of hair style”, says Filetti, “a new code of Made by Italy elegance written with Italian expertise and wisdom”. Thus, at Compagnia della Bellezza, hair becomes a form of art, worthy of the same care fabric deserves.

In August 2020, Salvo Filetti became sole director of the Compagnia della Bellezza Group, inaugurating the beginning of a new project: innovating within tradition, respecting beauty with integrity.

In May 2021, the brand’s new corporate management decided to redesign its logo by hand, giving every letter the power to tell the tale of the new Compagnia della BellezzaHair Made by Italy – universe. A story of light, sharing, elegance and contemporary freshness.