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I Love Italy

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Every woman enshrines within herself a unique inner world made of people, history, past, plans for the future. From this awareness arises out the launching of the new Spring/Summer collection through a magazine that speaks about women and to women exploring their soul through journeying.

To celebrate Beauty understood in its individuality, we have selected five Italian cities, Genoa, Milan, Rome, Lecce, Catania, exploring them in their innermost essence through everyday life of five women which will become the symbol of those places. To the distinctiveness of the city it is added the pleasure for discovering the world through the eyes of the globetrotter, a woman free from time-space distances, daughter of the global society. They are women who tell their stories without filters. They stage their habits, their lifestyle. They are women who love the word, doing and know how to do. We are their haircraftsmen; we hand on a knowledge living through their stories and their hair. Salons become workshops, the employees “errand boys”, the hairdressers craftsmen who sew the cut on women’s soul.