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Face Code

Hair Collection

Spring Summer 2019

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The right mood in every face and every person

Face Code is the new spring/summer 2019 collection from Compagnia della Bellezza. This year, we have revealed the secret beauty code of every woman: style options designed for every face.

Leonardo also sought out the very definition of beauty. He codified it in a set of proportions and measurements, the same as those of the Mona Lisa.

Taking his example, we have rewritten our own code, made of key elements, cuts and colours.

Face Code is the result of experience and research into lines, which create the right mood in every face and every person.

And this gave rise to the worlds of the new Compagnia della Bellezza collection: cuts, colours and styles with a “wearability” to suit to every type of face.

The result is a style for every woman, who values the uniqueness and diversity of her look.


Personality Cut / Short hair

Styles ranging from ultra close-fitting lines to softer ones, which better suit oval and round faces, with gentle, well-defined contours.


Balance Cut // Medium hair

The length blends well with the reassuring line of a lob that skims the shoulders, a graduated cut that is refreshingly wearable and suits every type of face.


Seduction Cut /// Long hair

A “long but not too long” style, ably representing contemporary seduction, which also suits “strong” faces.