Alice Sabatini and Compagnia Della Bellezza, excellent union arising from the ability to see “beyond”.

As Renato Gervasi, Joya – Designer, says in the LA7 episode aired last October the 3rd, Alice Sabatini was elected Miss of the Compagnia della Bellezza before being awarded Miss Italia. Behind the choice, the desire to combine beauty and authenticity, or using the terminology of the hair designer Salvo Filetti, the desire to find the right equation between what a woman has (its physical qualities) and what a woman is (his inner qualities, moral, emotional). Focal point of the Compagnia della Bellezza philosophy is to enhance the beauty of the woman in its authenticity, see the beauty that excites and delights beyond the “materiality” of the body, play with his hair not to change but to enhance the facial features that already owns.

The formula signed Compagnia della Bellezza finds its expression in Alice Sabatini, who has done much to discuss because of the unfortunate phrase related to the desire to live during the Second World War. Reaffirmed during the episode of La7 useless to dwell on the controversy: better investigate who is this down to earth girl. One meter and seventy-eight cm, 18 years old, short hair, with hes look and vivacity she revolutionized the very concept of being Miss Italia. We wonder why was determined that misses love long hair. Our young Miss, Alice, dismantles the traditional cliché of the long hair, expression of immobility, to open a new era: the era of courage, to appear for what you are. In a social context where we are conformed and perfectly aligned within predetermined standards of beauty, venture a change is always an act of determination and originality, two qualities very appreciated by Renato Gervasi and Salvo Filetti, probably because represents their way of life and working.

Thus a new era for the woman of today, eager to only apparent freedom because she is under the logic of appearing rather than that being; a new era for the Compagnia della Bellezza which accepts the challenge to make the “normal” woman to an exceptional one. As it explains Renato Gervasi woman is always beautiful and needs of hairdressers just to play with her hair and life.

And.. what to wish to Miss Italia? Certainly a fruitful collaboration with the Compagnia della Bellezza.