Ob-Shag unveiled!

1) Which one is the sparkling haircut to recommend for city life? Looking for a young fresh haircut, to feel perfect for every occasion?

It is the season of Shag version Bobs, OB-Shag!
Bob as a geometric line in Carnaby Street 60s-style and shag as multi-layered scaling with soft volumes harmoniously distributed from the center head to the neck, for a contemporary hairstyle, smoother, closer to 90s.

Among the many possible combinations that give life to my Hair Collection 2016, the Ob-Shag is definitely the “coolest” haircut which would lead to “Miss Audace”.
A double bob: the first, hyper soft, following the chin line connecting neck and forelock; the second free temples with a light style of writing over the ears.

2) Which oval face shape fits better?

The Ob-Shag is a passepartout haircut, perfectly matches both in sharp faces, like Victoria Beckham, and soft-rounded like Cameron Diaz. Could suffer a little the hyper-squared faces.

3) What color of hair?

To all the nuances combined for each skin types, but brown and black are top ranked in winter season, even Black Violet-Glam Goth. Seen on the catwalks as a total look, the hair is intense and deep. A versatile color that can be worn wet or messy way.

4) How is the Ob-Shag realized? The various steps …

a) First step is to make the contours short and tighten, neck area and over the ears, with special Japanese “essential” micro scissors and “silk”.

b) Second step is defining the back soft bob in razor-sculptures, creating the soft “floating point” behind the ears.

c) Finally, the scaling, the forelock and its “lance” definition whose central tip reaches the chin, are the final steps to achieve an impeccable Ob-Shag.

5) Why, more than others, it brings the right energy?

Because the Ob-Shag combines the boldness of the short rock and Bob sophistication and femininity!