Changing your hairstyle? Get inspired by the new Compagnia della Bellezza collection 2015-16. Here some tips by Salvo filetti Hair Designer!

I have smooth bob hairstyle, what can I do?

Changing look from a bob is amazing! The bob is the most current haircut that, with some changes of lengths and accessories – scaling/fringe/clump, adapts to virtually all.

New trend for next season will be the bob-lob in shag version OB-Shag: multi-layered scaling, soft volumes harmoniously distributed from the center head to the neck, for a contemporary hairstyle.

Moreover, I created another variation of the classic bob for the new autumn winter Compagnia della Bellezza collection which is the “double-bob”: the first, hyper soft haircut, following the chin line connecting neck and forelock; the second free temples with a light style of writing over the ears. It combines the boldness of the short rock and sophistication and femininity of the bob!


I have a long and equal hair, what do you suggest?

Green light for long hair, even…. XXL! With long 90s scaling and curvy styling.


Not sure whether to cut my fringe, any suggestions?

In this case, to change look, count on a fringe touching the eyebrows lightly, but is lightened on the lengths so as to be ‘open’ in every way: heart in the center of the forehead to frame the face or sideways turning it into a tuft. Seductive and feminine, it is fine practically all!


I dislike the average length, when the hair cropped are getting longer, solutions?

To change look starting from a pixie cut, is essential to harmonize the differences in height and length between the neck and sides. Without forgetting to thin out a few centimeters to the end that determines the neck. The more the perimeter is defined, the better it perceives the haircut silhouette and its length. Do not forget to create a very soft scaling in the center head to ensure verticality and liveliness.


I have scaling (too) medium long haircut, suggestions while waiting them to be longer?

Colour can help us to change look and renew our image. Better avoiding the dark solid colors and point to the light tips root vibration, by Sunshine Star (as well as the contrary Sunshine Splash vibration): clear nuance create volume and lighting effects while the dark sets.