Salvo Filetti – Hair Designer

His stylistic personality is undoubtedly the most remarkable one over those of the two founders. Salvo Filetti is now Compagnia della Bellezza’s brand art director and an internationally recognized Hair Designer. His creativity turns out each year gorgeous hair collections that cater to thousands of women who have learned to love his sophisticated and elegant style. He is often guested on Vogue Italia’s pages and a regular guest as style guru on paper and on-line magazines, from Vanity Fair to Each of his works, presented with drawings and visionary designs, materializes in a nearly magic way making itself real into visionary haircuts, carried out for the most selected catwalks: from Milan Fashion Week to AltaRoma, for designers’ collections such as Jean Paul Gaultier. His unerring eye for beauty led him to be appointed member of the jury in the final selection of “Miss Italia” beauty contest, confirming and hallowing what to Salvo Filetti certainly is a clear ethical and aesthetic mandate: “The Beauty is in diversity and the diversity is in Beauty. “

Renato Gervasi – Joyà Designer

Out of the founders of the brand, Renato Gervasi is the Joyà Designer: the expert of the beautiful-being and the creator of Compagnia Della Bellezza’s keenest managerial practices. An eccentric dreamer, a tireless explorer of the art of being, to him Coaching has no secrets! Today is the management department director and the inventor of its managerial philosophy: Joyà Marketing. Renato is engaged in developing training courses aimed at continuously improving the strategic management of the Salon, creating tools and theoretical and practical handbooks for personal and professional growth; real handbooks with directions to enjoy the game of life. Although his audience is since years well-established, many (from outside the world of hairdressing too) are learning to increasingly appreciate him for its Joyà pills on social networks and especially for his video-ritual “BuonCompligiorno”, shared every morning on his facebook page “Renato Gervasi – Joyà designer”; a hymn to life and the pleasure for living it, whatever happens … Today!