logoseparatore50x  blocco trasparente per spazio


 blocco trasparente per spazio logoseparatore50x

Everything is ready. Zoe has planned her adventure in details. Roberto, blabla car “driver” came to the appointment. You can reach many destinations with minimum cost. W the sharing economy: little money in your pocket and the world it is at your fingertips. Password: dynamism. No suitcases, too bulky. Backpacker, essential clothing, jaunty look. Pop round to your hairdresser in order to renew the color without touching the length. Zoe is a fan of messed. Clock up the miles by foot, to know people and their sofas with couchsurfing, do not leave without taking time to her red hair she loves so much. Combine beauty and liveliness, charm and sprint is for her a real style. She loves being a “digital hippie” You just have to start the trip and let the fun begin.